Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting back to the “Norm”

It is so hard to get back into the grove of things. Since the week of Christmas it seems as if I have been skipping by on just a wing and a prayer. I honestly can tell you I had no realization we were already in the third week of January.

I have been working and trying to catch up on things that I am finding it hard to keep afloat. It is very odd due to the idea that just the day before Christmas I was all prepared, organized, and honestly playing games on the cell phone because I was all caught up.  Know just three weeks after Christmas my husband just got the trees out of the house yesterday and I just got the Christmas presents put away on Monday.

I did however, other than Christmas décor, manage to get my house back into a presentable nature on Monday. The loads of dishes, craft items, and dirty clothes that filled my upstairs officially made its way to their rightful places.  I also sat down long enough to start and complete half of an Etsy project.

Today, like all days after I finish midnight will be awkward. I always debate on how much sleep I should get, the enviable fight with the alarm clock if I do go to bed when I get home, and lastly the fight to stay awake if I choose to stay up.  However, I have one goal on tap for today and that is to gather all my Christmas décor and say farewell, here’s to another year, bon voyage. At this moment I will then begin to get back into the grove of things.

Know all that will need to come is the pattern of cleaning, cooking, relaxing, blogging, and projecting I had. I am hoping this weekend will fulfill the game of catch-up, and with the Christmas décor gone the rest of the game can be played!

Here is to hoping I talk to you come Friday morning as the start of my “grove” comes back! 

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