Monday, March 18, 2013

Its not easy being reen part 3

To resume to our conversation from yesteryear; I have control of select items when it comes to becoming green in our house hold. With the realization that I have molded myself back to an unfriendly green state (back in this post) I decided to sit down and make a list of what I have control of and what I don’t. Knowing that not only was I battling with myself on becoming slightly green I was battling with the realization that D is never going to bring his own reusable grocery bags in to the store or really choose to be slightly green.

Here is a fast list of what items I have control over and what items I do not.

What I have control of:
Bringing plastic grocery bags into the house
Buying recycled trash bags
Buying organic sheets
Using rags when I clean
Using vinegar when I clean
Using a reusable washable mop
Using reusable containers for food
Taking my lunch in reusable containers
Growing some of my own food
Reduce my usage of paper towels

What I do not have control of:
How many Clorox wipes D uses
How many plastic grocery bags D brings home
What cleaner’s uses
How many paper towels D uses

Now that I have realized some of the items I have control over and some of the items I do not I am going to try and make my list grow longer. My goal is to accept items that my hubby does that are not green and realize it is his choice, I also am hoping that my control list will grow longer as I realize what items I honestly can choose to keep green in our house.

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