Thursday, March 21, 2013

Promoting your busness is hard and time consuming

Promoting your busness is hard and time consuming.

You never know what options are correct or if it a waste of time. As you try you feel you finally get a hold of something to only realize you are not getting sales. Sad face!

Blogging only brings in a select few, while drawing in the extras during blog hops. Facebook ends up being your family and while you have your dedicated people who check out every post you place and help boost your self esteem, while all along never buying anything and you don't expect them to, they are "family".  The many free add portals you sat down and spent a day combining lead you no where. Now its time to start hitting those Facebook pages.... the local flea market pages.... yard sale pages.....You start with two and hope you will get at least some views. Nada! Nothing! Zip! long sigh..........

Back to square one. 

As I sit here and express my frustration I think of nothing other than you all know how I feel. There are many many many people selling and no one buying. How can you? Honestly when you have money wrapped up in wonderful ideas how can you support someone else other than with self esteem boosters.

So I give this to you. Keep your head up a break will soon come. Until then keep plugging away.


  1. I totally know what you mean! I am getting an online business of my own up and running and hope for the best...I've sold other things though. Year's ago I was a MaryKay Consultant and did fabulous at it so I really don't think this will be too much different for me to pull off. I just hope I'm right!!

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