Monday, May 27, 2013

The best way to lose weight.

The best way to lose weight is to starve yourself......Said no one ever!

Yes folks this girl has lost ten pounds in one week due to well basically starving herself. I however have not been back on the scale since I last went to the doctors on Thursday and will wait until this Thursday when I’m at the doctors again to see what magical weight pops up. (Secretly I’m hoping I gained those ten pounds back.)

I officially have decided that I cannot eat anything other than apple sauce, cheerios, banana’s, mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, and I did try two stakes that seem to have set well in this old tummy of mine.  I have avoided any type of dressing, mustard, ketchup, A1 sauce, ect. I refuse to get sick again so I refuse to try anything.

Well let’s back this boat up; Thursday after leaving the Doctors’ offices she placed me on short term disability until I get back up on my feet and had come to the conclusion that I most likely have an ulcer. I had a lovely ultrasound on Friday and was supposed to have an upper GI done on Friday as well, however due to drinking that pesky glass of water for my ultrasound they had to reschedule the upper GI for this week.  

Any who, Due to the fact that today is a holiday I will call my doctor tomorrow to inform her of the move of my appointment and see if A: they can get me in sooner or B: well I don’t know what the B would be……..

As I sat there with during my ultrasound I watched all the wonderful black and white photos of my organs pop up on the screen. I now officially have decided that I am currently having issues with my spleen and diagnosed myself with Web MD. In which we all know never turns out well. You may ask how we jumped from ulcer to spleen….well honestly it is as simple as seeing the spleen on the ultrasound and insisting there was a “bump” on it. (Yes of course I am an expert at reading ultrasounds and NOOOOO that little bump I seen most definitely could not have been my spleen!)

All of this leads me to my beginning statement: the best way to lose weight is to starve yourself. Said no one EVER!

The bland diet has definitely helped!  Saturday I had a great day, I did not feel nauseated once! YIPPY! Yesterday however, I decided to eat my staple: toast with peanut butter and apple butter. Let’s just say after one piece of toast went down I decided the other piece wasn’t worth it! Today on the other hand, so far so good!

With all of this said I am currently in limbo until I do the upper GI and visit my doctor on Thursday. As I said I will keep you posted on my outcome. We shall see if it is my spleen, an ulcer, or an unknown (which is the normal for me). 

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  1. Hey dear, have you looked into a gluten intolerance/celiac disease? Just a thought. We need to get you in to see House ;)