Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A post from my phone

It's 11:00pm and sleep is not to be found. My frustration from yesterday has come to a head and I'm feeling overwhelmed. The summer night is more welcoming than what tomorrow brings. 

5:45am comes oh so fast and my normal hit the alarm two times can't happen tomorrow, I have to take the dog out by walking her instead of a lead, I have to take a pill 30 minutes before I eat, and then I have to eat. To top this all off there is a detour to get to where I'm going tomorrow so that's an added 5 minutes. All of this before 12 hours of a long dreaded day when I can say I'm safely home. 

Thursday isn't much more welcoming, another 5:45am wake up call to call it quits at most likely 10-11 at night.  Oh how I miss a normal schedule. 

I know my schedule should keep me on my toes Among other things but tonight it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. A taste I can't seem to shake. 

A dear friend made a comment on her blog about turning 28 and this was the first year she was ok with growing older. As I kept reading I found that I completely understood her years past, not a panic attack but a merrier panic of what have you accomplished in my last year. As I am dwindling down on the big 28 I am at a loss. Not a bad loss but a loss none the less. 

With that I am signing out for the night. Maybe my pillow will bring me some seance of peace.

Mrs T. 

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