Monday, May 20, 2013

Me and Roxie

Not feeling so hot tonight....As I said the stomach issues comes and goes, however, it is soon bed time and as I force myself to sleep the stomach seems to calm itself

Roxie is ready to head to bed. She’s been begging for almost an hour now. I'm sure she's thinking ok, mom, stop watching TV and let’s just go to bed. The couch is not good enough for her these days, the big old bed is much better. In fact it's a ton better when D isn't home!

So it’s just me and Roxie tonight.

She’s a wonderful listener these days. Most times I don’t have to say a word and she gets it. She understands when I do not feel well, she understands when I’m frustrated, when I’m tired, or honestly when I don’t care about it anymore. A dog truly is man’s best friend.

Which leads me to my next comment: frustration. How long can you feel frustrated about an item until you just decided to step away? Is there a specific time period that is suitable? Does it depend on what the item is or who the person is?

For instance I currently am extremely frustrated that my stupid Wi-Fi keeps going out. However, I am not frustrated enough to do anything about it and not frustrated enough to care. Was that a suitable amount of time?  Should I do something about it? Once again WHY DO I CARE?!?!

At the same time, why do I get frustrated over half the issues I do? Why can I not be like a handful of people and just walk on by my frustrations and either kick in to action or just ignore it until it comes to something huge?

(Just so you know, as I am typing this I truly am thinking of the moment in You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are emailing each other… How the conversation is “spoke” out loud and funny faces are reviled when they are thinking or commenting on something…. The people next door have to think I'm a nut LOL!)

I mean honestly? The frustration I have is deep and burns me to my bitter bones. But Yet, I keep plugging away thinking that one day I will forget my frustration and move on…Its been almost a year since this all started well, since I started taking action and even though I may be “chipping away at the rock” I still cannot seem to get ahead!

Signing out~ a very frustrated Mrs. T

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