Monday, May 20, 2013

One of the biggest adjustments of newly weds is moving in with each other. It is completely different for each person in the relationship. I can only tell you about the adjustment for me and what I would assume a handful of women go threw.

The idea of the 1950's house wife is LONG gone. We now have to be the 1950's house wife AND help bring home the bread. In this day and age bringing home the bread normally takes two. Cost of living is high. Plus trying to stay on a new budget is hard.

How do we do it? Honestly the question is how am I going to do that? I work and make sure most things are taken care of at home. D is wonderful and helps out. a lot.

It can be very over whelming at times and with my schedule I get very frustrated having to do both.

I have found that ordinary "help" guides do not work with my shifts. After eliminating almost all I have found one that helps this girl out.

Flylady is a wonderful addition to my home and I can do it with out anyone , even myself, realizing I'm doing it. However, even with flylady I was having a hard time keeping up on my days off. I found that I was spending one day off cleaning while the others I didn't.

Using flylady you are to do a little at a time. Some in 15 minute increments. With someone such as me with a short attention span this is great.

As I sit here I realize I am basically saying flylady is great but not so great. I found it to work well when I was on a 15 turn rotation. Now that I've been on a 12 hour a day rotation I have found it not to help.

Once I get home I honestly do not feel like hitting hotspots, shinning my sick or making dinner. On midnights I'm lucky I can make my lunch for the next shift.

I however, with the help of flylady have made some adjustments and am finding it to work quite well.
I save every email Flylady sends me, I ignore the day it is intended for. One the days I work daylight I check my email before I head home to get a game plan. After I get my lunch packed and ready for the next day I try to hit one of the emails. For instance an email a while back explained how dust can hide everywhere...mission take your duster and dust above all the window seals and door ways. As the hubby is in the shower or I am on the phone I do just that, then I delete the email before heading to bed. On the days I work night turn I once again check my email before heading home and I do just the same. It is amazing how the extra five minutes before heading to bed help keep the house in order.

 If I am to tired when I get home from work on night turn or my feet hurt to bad once I get home on daylight I pick a task that is more fitting for that time. These items I pick from my own mind, something that Flylady might not have given me just yet or something that is on my to-do list. It might be writing a post to you or as simple as folding socks while watching TV.

However the hardest part of all of this is staying on top of it all. Flylady does not have a button that says "stop sending emails or reminders until I get a grip on life" they just keep coming. These are the times I fall off the bandwagon and just take the day to get back on and start over again. When this happens I plug into my email and skim threw the Flylady's missions. I delete everything that I do not want to read and start new. With her program you can pick up anywhere. I also start with the first mission she gives you....Shine your sink.

I have found that no helpful website or book or learning guide can be molded just for you and I have found not everyone can be OCD on the cleaning habits even if they want to. You have to find out what works for you and your husband and stick to it. Trust me the hubby will help out when he is used to a clean house and you have fallen off the bandwagon. Mine does and I love him for this (and of course many other things!)

If you are in the same boat as me take a moment to check Flylady out. I promise it is not as overwhelming as it seems and it will help if you let it.

(I am not affiliated with Flylady at all, this is just one newly wed to another!)

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