Saturday, May 18, 2013

You all are wondering what has happened the past two weeks that I have not talked about in my last post.Well I will satisfy your curiosity.

It was a Thursday night everything was normal. I came home from an overtime shift to find my hubby along with a few friends playing corn whole in the back yard. Our lazy evening moved from out side to indoors once it got dark and NHL was being played.

A phone call from his parents changed a lot that night, a night I never want to replay. As I am sure most of the people I know agree with.

A phone call that explained that they were listening to the police scanner and heard an officer in my husbands department was down. Knowing that my husband was OK I still began to worry. Him and a fellow officer, who was at my house ran out like someone was chasing them and I never seen them again until 2:30am.

A dear friend sat with me until they were home and I am grateful. I never was so happy to have my husband return home that night. I never realized what happened could happen in the small area we live in. This hit way to close to home.
The following week consisted of showings, a funeral and a lot of heart ache.

I honestly do not know what to say...... I have read the past few paragraphs about 30 times in hopes to be able to say something more. Still nothing comes to mind. When I dreamed about writing how my life as a police wife was I new there would be happy times and hard times. I never thought there would be something like this. I know my followers from out of my area still have questions and maybe in due time I will post more about it. But for know I just can not. Please feel free to email me.

I truly was blessed to have known the fallen officer and I am grateful that my husband got to protect our streets with him.

God Bless

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