Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Friends

Coming back to the blogging world was a little harder than I thought it would be. Having 20 days in between my last two posts and now almost two weeks in between my last post and this one............

Anyways, The past two weeks have been a battle. A battle for a lot of reasons something that if anyone knows me or knows were I live already knows what happened with out me saying. To top all that off a lovely illness has crept into my body.

First we shall talk about my wonderful illness. Starting two weeks ago, to the day, I had what I thought was a little stomach bug turned into something unknown. In this two weeks time I have made a trip to med express in which they gave me fluids and medication. I have made a trip to the ER in which more fluids and more medication was given and lastly I have made a trip to my family doctor in which she ordered a handful of tests and lost of bed rest.

I have been restricted to a bland more coffee.....and once again lots of rest.......

The odd part about all of this is the fact that it comes and goes. For instance: this morning I felt fine, well rested and like a brand new person. With in a few hours I felt extremely tired and my stomach all in a knot. After laying down and taking a nap I woke up hungry, I ate and BAM once again I was back were I was before I took my nap. (and no I am not pregnant!)

So this brings me to where I am know. I am sitting on my couch I have watched way more TV than I think I have in a very long time. I have about two more episodes of all my normal TV shows before I have to find something "new" to watch. The house is an extreme mess and laundry is piled high. And yet I am no closer to finding out what is wrong with me or honestly feeling any better.

I know it sounds odd but I need to get back on my feet, I need to go back to work and I need to get my house and life back in order. I of course will keep you all posted as time goes on. Hopefully though the next post about this will be I FEEL BETTER!

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