Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twenty Days

Hello. It has been almost twenty days since we last spoke. Believe it or not, there really hasn’t been much that has happened.
We will start with my last post; a road trip was in order to visit some long lost friends of ours in North Carolina. The weather was beautiful and the company was welcome. I had so much fun down there. It was very relaxing and enjoyable.

Shortly after we got home (the next day) I started a very long four weeks of over time. I am in my third week now and I am plugging along quite nicely. The first week consisted of two daylights and three night turns totaling 60 hours and a day of tutoring. The second week consisted of one night turn and three daylights totaling 48 hours and a day of tutoring (not to shabby). My third week, the week I am in consists of three night turns and three daylights totaling 72 hours and a day of tutoring. Next week, ehhh well talk about that next week.

Because of this everything has been suffering. I have not seen my husband for more than a few minutes at a time since well North Carolina, laundry is piled high, dishes are cluttering my counter tops, relaxation is lost, and sleep is lacking. I am secretly praying that I make it through this span alive……..And I also would love to say it is over next week however, it is not the case.

The end of the first week, beginning of the second week D and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary. During the same time my brother in-law and his girlfriend made a trip home. So in order to keep things simple we enjoyed family time with a little picnic at our house.  Dinner was good and enjoyable. It was nice having both sides of the family together.

And that my friends lead me to today….. Another fast post on my break……

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