Sunday, June 2, 2013

Barium and Test

So, Friends it has been approximately six days since our last talk. And I definitely have an update for you.

As I told you, I believe in my last post, I had an Upper GI on Wednesday morning. After anticipating my doctor to call that day to confirm an ulcer I found out we were wrong. My doctor did call however, it was to confirm I had something on my spleen and a CAT scan was needed to follow up on this “goober” I have.   

Good news is that I do not have an ulcer. Bad news folks, I believe we are back to square one with my stomach issue.

So, the follow up CAT scan was scheduled, due to us knowing someone and a very kind doctor, for Thursday the day after my upper GI. With no help from my family doctors receptionists or nurses, I ended up making an appointment out of their “realm” and I think in the process I upset them a little. 

When I called my family doctor to talk about the procedure I was explained I couldn’t have the CAT scan done that day because I had to drink barium so many hours before the appointment. With this I called that doctors office I was having my CAT scan done at and was told they give it to me an hour before the appointment or inject it with an IV.  So after confirming with the imaging doctor’s office I once again called my family doctor and explained what they said and asked to have my scripted sent over. I asked for them to confirm once again that other than the barium I was able to get the CAT scan that day. They confirmed so away I went.

YA, EVERYONE NEWS FLASH YOU CAN NOT HAVE TWO TESTS A DAY APART WITH BARIUM IN YOUR SYSTEM! You light up like a roman candle during the x-ray and they cannot get a clear picture of your insides.

So after driving an hour, dragging my uncle and husband with me, having the imagining doctor squeeze me in, bothering their staff, and lastly drinking two more glasses of barium on top of the already two glass I had in me from the day before, this girl was not a happy camper. And not only was she not happy she turned into a sicker camper due to the barium.

So, my CAT scan is scheduled for Wednesday this week and I will have to call my family doctor and have them move my doctor’s appointment to after my CAT scan. Maybe they can get me in later on Wednesday?!?!?

Any way you look at this, the trip I have taken over the past month has not been fun and even though everyone keeps telling me my spleen is ok, and I just have to find the underlying issue of my stomach problems and I will be fine. It just doesn't seem fine!

Well Friends. I am going to leave you abruptly this morning, Roxie LUWHO needs out! I am sure I will be back with more later today! 

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