Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is the day

Today is the day I start a food journal and possibly naps.

Today, I have decided that I am going to start a food journal or should I call it a sick journal. Instead of trying to keep everything in my head I plan on writing it down.

Yesterday after deciding when and how I was sick, I managed to say two different stories to D. One started out as simple as I got sick in the morning after eating eggs and the other was as far as I was nauseated for 5 hours. This isn't completely blown out of proportion. I did get sick last night and was nauseated for probably 2 hours. While, I was sick, all sorts of sick in the morning for approximately another 2 hours.  So as you can see 5 isn't toooo far away from 4.

As you can tell everything is starting to blur together and run into each other like a continuing sickness that never ends. I would really like to go into the doctors office on Monday and say "doc I have been paying really close attention to my symptoms and here is what I have found. These foods I become ill off of, these activities, these thoughts, for this long, and this type of sickness." Right know it is a simple "Doc I still don't feel right and I get nauseated after I eat, during eating and heck even before I eat. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it goes away with in a few minutes. Ya ya ya both my right and left side of my ribs hurt but whose to say it stay's longer than two minutes and....." Get my point?

It has been such a guessing game so far. We failed with the ulcer and I believe we are back to square one. However, on Wednesday I do have my CAT scan, as I told you yesterday, which will completely rule out my spleen and most definitely leave me back to square one.

I  have a full week to start my journal, with an exception of one day , I am hoping this will help me at least see a pattern and narrow down my issues.

I am sure as this week continues I will let you all know how this journal is going. Either I will succeed with flying colors or fail miserably.

And on that note I will sign out!
A very frustrated Mrs. T


  1. Good luck with it Jess. Have you tried taking probiotics? Just a thought

    1. Carole, No I have not. However, I am going to go see my Dr. tomorrow morning, and I have a book of questions and idea's. I will make sure to add yours to my list! THANK YOU!