Monday, June 10, 2013

Doctors Visit Went Well.

Hello All,
I had my follow up doctors visit today. There is a lot of good news that will follow.

I completed last week with my food journal and managed to keep it up threw the whole week. I missed one morning and afternoon, and for the life of me I can not seem to remember what I ate or how I felt. However, for the most part everything was wrote down.

The Doctor read my journal and found a few common elements. She expressed the right side pain and the nausea mostly coming at night was the most outstanding common denominator. Food wise, it seemed as if it did not matter what food I ate as much as when I ate it.

Here are her findings and what comes next:
1. No ulcer--YAY!
2. My spleen is 100% ok. The "goober" that was found on the ultrasound was not there during the cat scan.---YAY! (This is massive news because the goober could have very well been cancer)
3. Stress is a major part of my stomach issues.
4. A gallbladder test will be conducted on Wednesday.
5. You can have diarrhea and still have a small blockage. (TMI, I know however, this is still interesting non the less).
6. I am not allergic to gluten (This was touch and go in my head for about two weeks).
7. If all else fails I will be referred to a specialist to help get my stomach problems under control so I can carry on with my life. 

With this all said: Wednesday I will go in to the doctors offices and drink a cup full of half and half and chocolate syrup. (OMG, I am cringing by the thought of it.)  However, the half and half will act as a fatty meal and get the gallbladder "pumping" so to speak. I have found that most common items can cause an attack. Such as eggs, coffee, cream and milk. I plan on sitting down tonight and reading a bunch of articles about the gallbladder.  Because this has perked my interest, please look forward to the next post being about gallbladders.

Until then lovely people I will leave you with this thought: Do not take your coffee for granted, you may never be able to drink it again..... :-(