Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recap Since the last time we talked

Good Morning All, It’s a cool humid day in my neck of the woods. The type in which you have a spring jacket on but yet are still so sticky your debating on whether or not to enjoy the chill.

 I have currently moved out of my office and decided the dining room is much more welcoming. In all honestly the past few days I have found that any area other than my desk is more welcoming.

Here is the past few days recap for you. After my gallbladder test on Thursday I went to get fitted for my sister’s wedding, we all know that is coming up very very very soon! A relaxing evening at home was in order. D took a nap while I watched Ghost Adventures on my Ipad. Friday was much calmer, I basically decided that I was going to stay in my PJ’s all day and linger around the house. I was feeling ok but tired. So as D finished up a few chores outside I moseyed around the house and well basically didn’t do much. However that evening I decided I had a fire under my butt and I redecorated for summer, 30 minutes of complete calm happiness. I decided to stick to my plan of tearing down my old décor placing it on a temporary table I have in my dining room and replace with new décor, pack old and boom back to the attack. Once I was done I felt like I accomplished the world! Due to the massive amount of accomplishment I felt I had, I then pulled out my pile of Etsy papers and started sifting, discarding, taking notes, and making a to-do list. I placed a few new items to my board and started working on an already done project that I would like to make better.

Yesterday, we celebrated father’s day with my Pa. My sister, mom and I went to the country club to take a ten minute walk around it to make sure the amount of decorations they bought and prepare for seating charts was correct. Once we got home, we all decided to head to Five Guys for dinner. We all headed to Five Guys and celebrated Father’s Day. It was a good time and I enjoyed being with the whole family, something that really never happens. (It was extremely good and looking back I’d eat it again, However, I did get sick off of it. So I guess I should add don’t eat Five Guys on my list of can’t eats) I am not sure what is in store for me today. However, that old Etsy project that I am trying to make better is warming up a spot right next to me. And I have a new one that I have been pondering for a little while. HUMMMM!!!!

Well folks I best get going, this kitchen chair I am sitting on is rather painful compared to my desk chair…..Maybe the move wasn’t worth it BAHAHAHAHA!

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