Monday, June 24, 2013

My sisters getting hitched!

We are so close! To my sisters wedding that is.

Saturday bells will be ringing all threw town as my little sister gets married. Wedding festivities start tomorrow with the final fitting of gowns followed by a nail party on Wednesday and cookie pick ups on Friday, drop off of decorations and finally the rehearsal dinner.

B wants her maids to stay with her the night before, so I will be revisiting my old apartment to join her before the last Miss. T of our family becomes a Mrs. 

Saturday starts out early with hair makeup, dressing and pictures followed by I do's and lastly a celebration of two becoming one!

I am getting so excited for her. I truly am jumping up an down for joy. Hopefully this time as I walk the isle I can calmly smile and only a slight tear of happness will fall, rather than water works.

I better run, time to water plants before calling it a night. In the morning Ill update you on this past week and weekend. 

Until then folks.... Dream of wedding bells! 

Mrs. T

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