Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello All,
Today I am officially stating it is the start of my sister’s wedding activities. I guess manly because it is the week of the wedding and I have lots to do today before I can officially say I am ready…

Today once I get moving here I will be tiding the house up more for my own sanity than anything. Then I must sweep my car in preparation of transporting dresses this evening. Shortly after that I must start getting various bags ready for the day of, including running to the store for a few food items before tomorrow evening. Hopefully I won’t forget anything!

I also would like to sit down and make a list of items my sister will need for the day of. So we can check them off of the list on Friday night. OHH don’t forget the programs! GEEZE I already forgot! EEKK

Before I get motivated enough to do all of that, I wanted to fill you all in with this past week and weekend. To be honest, it has been very quiet and uneventful.  I will start out by saying my last doctor’s appointment was last Wednesday. I found out all organs are working at 100% which is great, however my stomach is still having issues along with what seems to be a blockage in my intestine. Different medications were given  to help me with my blockage, an appointment with the specialist was made for July and I have to call my Doctors office tomorrow to share my update and see what she would like me to do from there.

I can honestly tell you I am ready to feel better. I am still hit and miss with how I feel some days I am normal, other days I’m down for the count and some you can just tell something isn’t right.

Friday my hubby and my sisters soon to be hubby went out with a few other guys as part of his bachelor party. While I headed out to dinner for a visit with some of the girls I graduated with… Oh so long ago. After dinner we ventured back to my house for more laughing, talking, and taking a stroll down memory lane. It is funny how most of us have not seen or talked for ten years but when we got together we never missed a beat. We brought up different memories from school and we talked about our “favorite” classes, teachers, and what “mischievous” things we did. We even discussed what we are doing in our lives right know. This group of “girls” truly is amazing. I had a great time getting together with them laughing and talking. Maybe one of these days we will all have kids and we can let our kids run around and play just like we did growing up. 

Saturday we set up for the final part of my soon to be brother-in-laws bachelor party.  D got the outside ready tables, chairs, fire, and games. While, I made sure the house was appropriate and food items were ready to be served when the time came. I left to head to dinner with my sister, mom, her FMIL, her FSIN and one of her maids. After I left I headed back home cleaned up the food and camped out inside. I cannot lie I did watch the guys for a little threw the window as I was cleaning up. It seemed as if they had fun. A lot of laughing and talking! 
Yesterday, I drug myself out of bed and headed to my grandmothers, where we all gathered to make wedding cookies. An experience I honestly have never had until well yesterday. After a few dozen cookies were done we all headed home.

The past few days have been quite hot and muggy here. I have been spending a lot of it indoors. This evening the forecast is calling for some rain. I am secretly hoping for this, it should calm the temperatures down slightly and water my garden. If we do not get rain today I will have to drag a hose out to my garden. It is getting pretty dry.

Just like every post I end with “I am going to run” It is already 10am and 78 degrees out there with over 50% humidity and the car isn’t getting swept itself.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and it is a little cooler there than here. 

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