Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello Friends

As I explained a few posts back I would tell you when my Etsy add was up and running on the blog I wanted. Today folks I would like to announce my Etsy add is up and running on Willamette Valley Wonder Woman's blog!

While you are there checking out my add (because I know you will!) Please make sure to give WVWW some blog lovin!

Also, Go check out her post, Guest Post and Giveaway. I was a guest poster on her blog Monday and I have a special giveaway going on! You can have up to 13 entries, they are simple and fun! (follower her and me on Twitter, follower her and me on Instagram, and Tweet about the Giveaway!)
I hope you join the giveaway and I look forward to talking to you all very soon!

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