Saturday, July 13, 2013

The worst storm in years

That’s what they are calling the storm we had on Wednesday. “The worst storm in years”.

The sound on the radio was a weather alert. It started every ten minutes and ended up every two minutes until we shut it off. The guys were working on the blazer while I ran inside to switch loads of laundry, in the process of waiting that extra two minutes to hear the magical ding of my washer I scanned Facebook.

And there it was…..

After running back out to the garage to tell the guys I immediately started calling my parents. This tornado would have been a few miles from my parents and honestly could be heading towards them or could disappear into thin air……

After alerting my parents the guys finished the car and started cleaning up. It wasn’t until then did we all realize just how bad it was getting outside.
Looking from my front porch to the road...Um What road?

The culvert at the bottom of our property...full of water
All of this happened with in five minutes of raining and to be honest those five minutes it really did not seem like it rained hard enough to do all of that.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse. We realized we had water coming into our pit in the garage. Yep filling that sucker right up. At this time, I begged that we all went inside the house watch the weather and see what might come. As this happened all three of our phones started getting the weather alerts that a tornado was conformed in our area and we should all take cover. Well like any responsible adult would do, we sat in our living room with the news on staring out side my BIGGGGG picture window and with our screen door open watching out the front porch!

Once again what road? The culvert couldn't keep up

Right beside the bush in the right hand corner is where the culvert is supposed to be
After the rain stopped for a few minutes and it seemed as if most of the water was disappearing D and I grabbed our boots and rain gear and headed out side. We decided to make sure that the culvert behind our shed was free of tree branches and check on the out side of the house. Off we went.....

Our new River AKA: Mr. and Mrs. Awesomeness River

We were very lucky during this storm. Our one set of neighbors had eight inches of water in their basement while the other neighbors rose bushes and rock were completely gone along with her garden completely under water. The worst damage we got was "crap" in our yard, both front and back, very little water in our basement, and the pit in our garage was filled which now will need cleaned out. 

The tornado took out two barns and no one was hurt, it was considered to be a F-1. The flooding pushed people out of their homes for the night, caused search and rescue teams to go out and brave the elements. Many many many roads closed due to down power lines, wash outs, and sink holes.

However all in all our town bared minimal damage. And this damage can all be replaced, no one was hurt, that is all that matters. 

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