Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My few week hiatus

I have to be very honest, it was slightly cruel of me to not tell you I was going on a hiatus however, I really did not realize that it would be this long.  There have been some very interesting events that have happened in our life over the past few weeks.
To start off I’d like to say that I just turned in my Capstone! I have worked many hours on it that I am officially board of the topic and honestly am happy it is done. In a few days it will be graded and we will see an official due date to graduate! I also received my final grade from my second class of the quarter. I am quite impressed and once the grade is “officially” posted I will place that sucker on my fridge!
Other than my capstone taking up a lot of my time, D and I have officially become home owners last week. I can honestly say that I am almost wearing to the bone. So close that I can almost see it. LOL!  All I truly have done is school, work, house, sleep. It is nice to say school is over with till January and now I can concentrate on the house. We have almost everything moved in……… Well I guess I should say I have my attic and my kitchen that we have not even started packing and a few odds and ends in the rest of my apartment.  D, well I thought he was almost done until his brother informed me that we have not really began yet……… I am ready to be done. I have learned a lot of lessons for the next move, which is for sure.
On that note, I came to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I also wanted to let everyone know that I will most likely be on another hiatus until after Thanksgiving sometime. My next few posts will consist of moving do’s and don’ts and an update on the wedding.

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