Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Back, with a discussion about boxes

Finlay I am back. After a long hiatus from blogging I finally have recouped and I am officially back. I have been very busy with the wedding, moving, and my thesis. My next few posts will be a recap of the past few weeks. I will be analyzing what I have learned, what mistakes I have made and what success I have accomplished over the past few weeks. Today’s blog.....boxes......

I have to admit after learning I was moving I had this massive want to save every box I got my hands on. This was not a bad idea, in actuality I wish I could have saved more boxes. A few items I had learned about saving boxes: Do not go to your local grocery store and ask for boxes. I was in the grocery store and thought of this novel idea, until someone near me asked a clerk and got the response "we do not give out boxes anymore." Two days later I was in the same store getting dog food when a person near me asked about the boxes and the clerk said "we do not receive many boxes and the boxes we get we keep." I understand this may not be true at every grocery store but beware. I was one of the lucky ones who can collect boxes at work, after a month of collecting I ended up with a mountain of boxes. Very fast I began to learn that not all boxes were "good" boxes.

What type of boxes to "save:"
Make sure the boxes are easy to carry. Sometimes smaller is better than bigger. Remember once you fill the boxes they will become heavy and sometimes awkward. I saved some boxes that were rectangular in shape......... let’s just say I now know better for next time. Also, make sure the boxes are sturdy. Even if you have to re-tape them before you place items inside the box.

Label each box! This is a must! Weather you decided to label each box with the items that are in them or what room they go in, this will make moving a lot easier and more manageable. I actually did a bit of both, what room and what was inside. Items that I was not sure where they were going I labeled the item on the box, whereas boxes I knew I labeled the room.

If you have breakables, all I did to make sure they got to the house ok was place each item in a grocery bag and wrap it, just like you would with tissue paper. I am sure most of you have newspapers, but for internet readers like bags work great! (The only down side I don't normally get grocery bags at the store...)

I am pretty sure I hit all the highlights on boxes. I personally had a fail on boxes, but did succeed in packing the boxes and labeling the boxes.  I firmly believe if you make sure your boxes are sturdy, not awkward and labeled you will have a smooth moving process, well as far as boxes.

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