Monday, March 19, 2012

Groom's Mother and Grandmother

I was able to talk to my wonderful soon to be mother-in-law the other day. In our conversation it was completely confirmed with a lot of excitement that she had found her dress and ordered it! I am very excited she has found the perfect dress! I also hear it is a very beautiful color. I am very excited to see it I am sure that it will complement our bridle party, D and me very well! 

I also was told that my soon to be grandmother in law (that sounds funny how’s about Grandmother! LOL) found a dress also! My mother in law and grandmother in law went shopping and were able to return very successful! The word on the "street" is that her dress is flowy and beautiful and is a smashing color too and will complement the family and bridle party well! I am sure she will look great!

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