Saturday, May 5, 2012

After the Wedding

Even after the wedding there is still a lot of talk about the wedding. The thought of items that were barrowed needing taken back, stranglers in the payments, dresses need cleaned, registries need finished, name needs changed, joint accounts need open, thank you’s need wrote and sent… The list goes on. However, this list is mainly all I need to finish before I can say the wedding planning, cleaning and organizing is completely over. Needless to say I am not counting any fun activities that I have yet to do such as a possible scrap book or “finishing” my wedding book (this I plan on turning into a “scrapbook” of the planning processes).
I am trying to adjust to the idea that the wedding is over. It consumed my life for a year, whether it was just a conversation I had about it or actual planning. I would love to do it all again please. This time let’s just hit the rewind button and play it over again.
While I cannot hit the rewind button and do it over again, I will still continue to write on my blog. I am not quite sure which way the blog will go but I still hope it is enjoyable. I do however; plan to recap items from previous posts now that the wedding is over. I was not able to take pictures of everything so I will be waiting for my photographer to provide me hers and hopefully I will be able to share pictures also.
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