Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheapness Part Five

Because I am cheap I have found ways to help save and cut costs on items that are expensive or just unjustifiable in my head.

      1.  For starters I make sure to not waste any food!
      2. I do not waste any soaps, or other bottled material
      3. Coupon, Coupon, Coupon 
      4. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse
      5. Recycle

Recycle is basically the same concept as reuse. However I view Recycle a little differently. I would consider items from Good Will, Salvation Army, or yard sells as recycling. These items are used and already had a great run at someone else home but they work great and just might look beautiful in your living room.
These areas are truly great. I have a few items around my house that came from the Good Will and Yard Sells and you would never even know. Great items such as: old china for decoration and crafts, old wooden spoons for crafts, pictures for decoration, and holiday decoration are just a few items you can find.
Remember when you go keep an open mind, only buy items that you will use, weather it is a great craft idea or a picture for your living room.
How do you recycle? What do you normally buy at yard sells?

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