Friday, July 6, 2012

Blue Sky Tours

While I have your attention about getting off of the airplane and being greeted with a sign that has our name on it, wanted to tell you why and how we had this.

D and I decided to start our honeymoon planning threw AAA. While AAA was a complete middle man, they dealt with another travel agency in order to get our honeymoon package set up. AAA was slightly helpful however, D and I both agree next time we will go straight to the travel agency rather than a middle man.

The agency that AAA dealt with was Blue Sky Tours. You can go to their website and check them out. I know both D and I highly recommend them. Not only did they great us off the plane with a sign, we had two real flower lays, we never touched our luggage until we ended up at the hotel, and we also, did not have to try and figure out the airport, this was all done for us.  Arriving at in Hawaii was the best experience, none of this includes the deals and packages Blue Sky offered us.

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