Friday, July 6, 2012

Honeymoon Here we come

Well, as I looked deep into my posts, I did not find much about our honeymoon. I did not even find where we went….. No details what so ever were brought up.  With that said I guess I better start off with where we went, along with a few back ground settings before I move on to some fun photos and what we did.

D and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, A Honeymooners destination. Hawaii in itself was a completely different area than the “Main Land.” Between the culture, food, hospitality and way of living a Main lander could definitely find his way to loving the Islands and come time and time again.

We started our voyage on Monday morning, April 23. Our plane took off at our international airport around 6:00 am. We did not sleep much the night before beings we had to be at the airport around 3:00am. So, two very tired newlyweds boarded the plane in hopes to get to Hawaii awake enough to enjoy the day once we got there.  Leaving that early in the morning from our home town gave us the advantage of landing in Honolulu airport early afternoon on the same day.

Sitting in our airport....waiting to board.
The flight was a little over 12 hours; we only stopped once however this made one of our flights three hours long and the other flight eight hours long. Just a little piece of advice, from two travelers that knew no better, do not plan on getting fed on ANY flight. I have only been on one flight comparable to this one. I went to Italy a few years back. During our flight we were fed…..don’t assume…the one coffee cake you have stuffed in your book bag will not last you eight hours.

Very tired.. Huston Tx.

Once we reach Honolulu airport and got off the plane, we were greeted by a gentlemen holding up a sign with our name on it. (Talk about first class serves…well at least it felt that way). Once we got loaded onto a bus we were on our way to our resort, in Oahu on Waikiki Beach. D and I got cleaned up and headed into town (in search for food…remember that one coffee cake deal!).

We ate dinner at Jimmy Buffetts and walked Waikiki Beach until we both decided to call it a night and retreat back to our room. Once we got back to our room we sat on the balcony, took in the sunset and listened to the wave crash on the beach next to us.

You may wonder how we made it awake until after sunset. Well, the wonderful idea that complete darkness was at 7:30 every night made this night wonderful…. Sleep so early after a very very long day behind us.  

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