Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day two in Oahu

We stayed three days on Oahu. In these three days we had a lot jammed packed. The first day after we got up and got ready to venture the day, we ate at the restaurant at our resort. It was very nice because breakfast for the three mornings we were there was included.  

Every type of food imaginable was on this buffet. There was even an omelet station, in which they made fresh omelets for you.  The fruit was unbelievable too. There was a whole section dedicated to just fruit, I really wish I had a picture of it. D and I did try almost every fruit on this section however; we both found that our true love was Hawaii Pineapple. Between the both of us, during a breakfast we would eat a whole plate full of pineapple and then our whole breakfast.
My first brakefast there..... Talk about YUMMY!
You will find I have an obsetion of taking food photos..
Ok, enough about food, back to our days activities. The first day after breakfast we decided to go rent a car and travel around. We took a nice road trip for the day, once we got back in the evening and ate dinner we decided to hope back in the car and take another trip.

Us in our rental

Our trip consisted of beautiful scenery and lots of sun and water. Unlike most of the islands you are able to drive a good bit of this Island on the inner coast. However, we still managed to make it everywhere and anywhere. Well as far as a few hours and a tank of gas got us.

A few photo's of the day's adventure!

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