Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Three in Oahu

While day two was ending our planning for the next day in Oahu started.  D and I sat on our balcony Google searching (yes we did bring our Ipad’s with us) our next day’s activities. The fact that we rented a car made our wants a whole lot more doable.

The next morning, day three, we got up had our wonderful breakfast and headed out to get our car. We ended up at Pearl Harbor.  This truly was our main reason on why we ended up renting a car. After finding out that Pearl Harbor was 45 minutes away from us, we immediately started talking about renting a car.

Pearl Harbor was very impressive to see. There was a ton of people and a ton of things to do. D and I did not get to complete everything at the site.  You honestly need two days in order to see everything there is to see. However, I am sure if you really tried you could complete all the museums, ships, submarines, movies, and hangers in one day.

D and I however, got there mid-morning. We were able to still buy a ticket for all showings and we were able to get into the next showing of the Arizona. It worked out really well for the two of us. We looked at one museum, in which did not have AC and was completely open to the environment. Once we were finished with the museum we ventured to get in line for the movie of the Arizona. After the movie was complete we boarded a boat and headed to the memorial.

The Arizona Memorial is defiantly something everyone should see if they venture to Hawaii. Between the thought of standing on top of a ship that was at the start of WWII and the idea of it being submerged under water truly can blow a person’s mind.

Once we were done on the Arizona Memorial we ventured to the Missouri. The Missouri was a huge (literally) battle ship. If any of you watch NCIS you will understand my analogy here. When Ziva, Tony, or Magee get lost multiple times in a submarine or battle ship…this is what it felt like. I could not imagine being aboard this ship for very long. I was lucky I found my way around that day let alone finding my way around all the time!   The Missouri was where WWII ended and its final resting ground in now in Pearl Harbor.

Once we toured the Missouri we went to Ford Island and had the privilege of touring the only two hangers left from WWII.  One hanger had all WWII planes in it while the other hanger had all type of planes in it.

After we left the Ford Island, we decided that it was time to head back to the resort find dinner and call it a night. There was not much that we could do the next day due to “jumping” islands. So we decided to find the “main” restaurant on Waikiki Beach and eat there. We ate at a place called Dukes and enjoyed wonderful food and a great ice cream desert.

D decided that calling it a night that early would be foolish so we walked around town for a while, looking around some stores and buying up a few souvenirs. On our way back to the resort to get away from the very busy night life of Waikiki Beach we spotted a man dressed in all newspaper… Very interesting…..

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