Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jumping Islands

While day three closed, we started to pack and get ready to “jump islands”. Packing our bags and saying good bye to our wonderful view we headed to bed knowing that for the next seven days we would do nothing but relax and be adventurous.  

Jumping the islands was very easy. The same people that brought us to our hotel picked us up and dropped us off at the airport. The airport was a very slow and relaxing pace, something that neither D nor I was used to. The flight took about 30 minutes before we were on the ground and retreating our bags along with our jeep.

In this case we did not get our wonderful greeting nor was picking up and finding the hotel easy. Getting our Jeep was a little harder and more stressful then either of us wanted it to be, we ended up upgrading in which we found out later we didn’t have to (FALSE AVERTISING! UG). It took us about an hour to drive to our hotel. Once we got situated and plans started to fly.

Stay tuned for the next big activity!

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