Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, as my story of our honeymoon is at a brake… Just image us flying or should I say “jumping islands”, I would like to take this moment and congratulate a very special person in my life.  My wonderful sister, B, and her boyfriend recently go engaged!

They are planning their wedding for June 29 of next year, planning has started and ideas have started flowing. This year, just like last, will be filled with wedding bliss. However, instead of me being the bride I am honored enough to stand beside my sister and consistently say “flowers....fix her dress…grab flowers…. Fix her dress….oh crap I lost her flowers…..I am sure this will be a very fun and eventful year! I am very and truly honored to be sharing in such a wonderful time of her life!

Just as when my wedding finished I explained to everyone that my blog would take a little turn along with my life. A newly wed trying to be married to a police officer…who is going to be a K-9 handler….a home maker, home re-modeler, interior designer……..should I go on J My blog will once again turn along with my life. With everything I already am I am now forming the responsibilities of a maid of honor. I will take you along for the ride. However I must warn you just like my wedding I will not spoil the surprise until it is over; I will give ideas and hints along the way! This is my sister’s party and I truly am here just to celebrate in their love!

I once again would like to say congratulations to my sister and her new hubby to be! Let the fun begin!

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