Monday, July 16, 2012


While I am still on a brake from our honeymoon, I figured I would talk about our garden for a few minutes. Back in the beginning of June I explained how we picked our first items from our garden. Such pride as I ate my home grown lettuce..... Since then we have picked five cucumbers, eight zucchini, a hand full of hot peppers and much more lettuce. I have dispersed the zucchini out to my mom and friends. Our hot peppers were given to a dear friend and a bag full of lettuce was given to my mom.

Back then our garden was small and needed weeded.............

If you were to look at my garden now you would wonder if it was a patch of weeds or a jungle. I weeded shortly after my last garden post. I weeded for a little over two hours brakeing up the soil as I went. Later on that evening D and I watered it really well and said "there she is".

I think since then it has only rained two hours out of the past month and we have let the garden grow with out watering it. We have monitored it closely and to be honest it has been doing quite well. I have watered it twice in the past month. The last time I watered it was this past weekend. All the veggies looked pinkish so I watered and fed them. One last BOOM before the veggies started turning and providing us with wonderful dinners!

I watered on Friday and I let the garden sit until yesterday. I came home with a bag full of goodies! Our first tomatoes of the year and our first sweet peppers!

Keep looking for updates on what I have done with my fresh produce! Lets see how many ideas I can come up with before the end of the growing season! Send your ideas this way! I would love suggestions on Zucchini, just remember D doesn't eat them so something I can eat and possibly freeze or give away???

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