Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The first day in Maui was very calm and relaxing. We got off the plan and headed for the car rental place. After renting out jeep we took the hour long car ride to our hotel room. The ride was beautiful and calm.  We had the top down and completely enjoyed the afternoon sun and breeze.

The road to our Hotel.

 Once we got settled in to the hotel, we got changed and cleaned up to head to dinner. We landed in this little town called Lahina, where wale fishing used to be big and sailing is the new found hobby of this town.
Our view from our room.

D and I walked the main street and came a crossed a familiar restaurant, the Hard Rock Café. WE decided to venture in there, eat a sit down dinner and watch a beautiful sun set. We left with a picture of a great sunset, a shot glass and a hurricane glass. D, I believe had a burger from the Hard Rock and I had their signature fish.

Our sunset, while we ate dinner. Yes this is the view we had from our seats.
My dinner, don't ask why I am able to provided these pictures. But I had an obsession with taking food pic's

By this time the sun has went down and the sky was darkening over. So we headed back to the hotel to take a stroll around the hotel and on the beach.  We found that the pool and sitting areas the hotel provides closed at dark. However, we ventured down to the beach and even though the beach was completely dark we still walked a ways before calling it a night…………

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