Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not Maui... But deffinilty Home

So, as I took a brake from my blog this weekend to work on a few unmentionables... I began to realize I am having the same problem that I do every day off and I have talked about multiple times on here.

Waking up.......

prime example... Last night I went to bed late 1am (due to a movie) however noon is when I woke up and decided to get out of bed. I have learned to accept this. Mostly because I do not have as much to do as I used to. Six good hours cleaning, organizing or working on my unmentionables is truly a good chunk of time. It is however not a good chunk of time when you have to work that night or go run errands.

Actually speaking, if I was to wake up early today, I  could have ventured out of my house ran to GE grab a few food items I need around the house, came home made lunch all in time to have a little snooze and wake up to get ready for work and still have a few hours to relax on the hammock. Instead I am sitting at my computer at one pm after putting in a load of D's Uniforms and putting dishes away with out any peanut butter or chocolate chips to make zucchini bread. So, I will resort in making dinner, packing my lunch, and getting D's uniforms cleaned before he goes to work at three. No snooze for me tonight because I slept in and that will result in a very bad mood.

With all that said. I am not sure what to do now. I have been doing the whole vitamin thing...... I even researched shift work issues online thinking this very well could be the problem. I have come to the conclusion I need at least 10 hours of sleep. (I know this for sure because last week I went to bed before work at 8:00pm... woke up with out an alarm at 6:00am and felt pretty good all day). So do I try to go to bed early enough to have ten hours? If I do that could possibly be 7pm......

Another possibility would be the whole exercising thing as soon as you get up. But, this brings me back to the whole time thing. On the days I work...forget it.... However the days I don't, I am not sure about this. I can not even get my self to take the dog for a walk due to the heat when I wake up. Being 90 degrees and very humid here walking her let alone me might give one of us a stroke. So even if I was to walk her in the evening, this would defeat the hole purpose wouldn't it?

So to end this blog rant about how I can just keep complaining about sleeping habits while some of you are saying I wish I could get just two hours consecutive, I will leave you with this. The next two nights I work night turn, so starting Wednesday I will place my ipad or phone in the dinning room, have an alarm that will most likely upset me but make me get out of bed. I will keep you posted to see how this works. The goal is to set the alarm after eight hours of sleep. Even if I started getting up at say 10am instead of noon.... This would be great......

For those of you who have ever battled with this... any help??? Any suggestions????


  1. Exercise helps, even if it's just 20 minutes. Believe me, I understand the heat/humidity thing. But you do adjust to it and find ways around it - early morning, evening or something indoors. J's dad did shift work for 37 years, I'll ask him if he has any advice. It definitely takes a toll.

    1. I would appreciate if you ask him. When asking my father or grandfathers they kind of stare at me with the look that says sleep? what is sleep? LOL

      I will have to start the whole exercise thing... We both know Roxie and I both need it :)