Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day two in Maui

Friday began our adventure to the wild outdoors. D and I woke up and hurried down stairs to enjoy our complementary buffet for breakfast. Just like in Oahu we had wonderful pineapple. Between D and I we would finish of a whole plate full….including our breakfast, of eggs, toast, and bacon.

D and I decided we were going to hop in our Jeep and drive the complete North West part of the island. Maui is truly completed by a few highways that circle the outside of the island. Picture a figure 8, the two circles are outlined by high way while the middle of the 8 has multiple roads and is mostly habited. Maui has a lot of inhabited area however; unless you really paid close attention you would never realize it.


A very Concerned Mrs. T driving

Our "walking path"

Like I stated we drove the whole North West part of the island, three hours total. We literally were on a cliff the whole time, a very small road that looked more like a walking trail than a road. I drove for a very short period of time. So D ended up driving the road while I basically hung on to the door handle and hoped that we didn’t have oncoming traffic.

One of many views

One of many views

A road side beach we found on our adventure

A very Happy Mr. and Mrs. T

Once we got back to the hotel we literally ran back to our room to get ready for the nights adventure of a Luau. The Luau was on our resort, it included all you could eat and drink. We watched a wonderful show that included great dancers and fire twirlers.

Luau at sunset

Fire twirlers

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