Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Three in Maui

While day two came to an end and day three started, both D and I woke up as the sun was rising and the waves grew loader. Like most mornings on Maui, I woke up and make coffee in our room for the both of us, relaxed on the balcony until we were motivated enough to walk down stairs and eat our wonderful breakfast.

After breakfast D and I had little time to kill before our big adventure of the day. So we both got ready for an adventure we were not quite sure of and our big adventure……ok, I will tell you what the big adventure was so I do not have to keep calling it “the big adventure of the day”. We were lucky enough to go on a helicopter ride over North West Maui and Molokai. Our helicopter ride was at 2:30pm however, we had to be at the airport at least an hour before.

So, our thoughts were to take our time driving the hour to the airport and stopping along the way. We ended up driving a very small part of the road to Hanna and stopped at the first town on this road called Paia. We ate at light lunch at a restaurant called Charley’s, which in my opinion was a very “local” hang out, the most local restaurant, we seen all week.  (On a side note Willie Nelson frequents this restaurant when he is on vacations).  After lunch we walked the little town of Paia. The town had a mixture of local and tourist wrapped up all in to one small town.

We headed our way back to the airport to get ready for our flight. D and I were lucky enough to sit up front with the pilot. Our flight was an hour long and we were able to fly over North West Maui and Molokai. In doing so we were able to view our resort, a little town called Lahina (where we ate the first night), the Lahina high school, wind mills, sea cliffs and a bit of the ocean.

 After our flight we headed back to the hotel to catch the sunset on the beach before dinner. This was our first time we had sat on the beach since we landed in Hawaii. We sat there for about two hours. I watched a sail boat and the water with its waves almost engulfing the beach. It was very relaxing and enjoyable.

Once the sun set, unlike on the Waikiki beach, everything shut down unless you are in a shopping area and at that 9:00pm is the latest they are open. We went back to the room and got ready to head out for the night. We looked up many different places before finding one that was open at 7:30.  We found a small outdoor shopping mall along with multiple restaurants just seconds away from our resort.

We ate at the Hula Grill. Unlike at home when they ask you if you would like to sit at the bar or the dining room your normal response most likely will be dining room. However most places in Hawaii ask that and there literally is no difference other than menu. You are most likely outside at both section and have a dining room atmosphere at both sections.   

We chose the dining room, in which provided us with a more upscale menu (we had no clue). We both had very good food and a really good time. By far that was my favorite place to eat. While waiting to be seated D and I walked the shopping mall and found a ton of expensive stores.  

D ordered fish, which is like very odd, however it was very very good.

My wonderful salad that I could have ate three bowls of.

Our bread came in a lunch box! It was so cute!

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