Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day four in Maui

Day four was a very lazy day. We started out later than normal however; we set out once again on the road to see where it leads us. We ventured about 30 minutes from our hotel till we found a road side beach that enabled us to enjoy the water and lay in the sun. The beach had a few people on it compared to our very populated beach in front of our hotel.

We spent all afternoon on the beach and to continue the lazy day we ventured back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice ice cream and coffee at the resorts coffee shop.  After our afternoon snack we went and got ready for our sunset cruise.
Our cruise "Ship", Teralani.

The sunset cruse took place in the Honolua Bay. We left from the Whalers Village (where we ate dinner at the night before) and ended up back at the Whalers Village. We ate in the Honolua Bay and sailed back “home”. The whole sunset cruise took a little under three hours.

D and I were lucky enough to see dolphins and a baby and momma whale. I have never see dolphins or whales before, other than sea world that is. I was very excited about this! The dolphins were putting on a show for us while the whales kept their distance but popped out of the water to say HI!

If you look close...... There is a dolphins

Once we arrived back on shore we walked Whalers Village again and headed home to bed. Tonight was an early night because the trip to Hana was planned for the next day. We were told the trip, if took the whole way, would be over eight hours long.

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