Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday in Maui

Our last full day in Maui consisted of a very long drive. We started out the morning as we always did with breakfast and getting ready.

 We set off early for a round trip to Hana. “The must drive road of Maui”. To get to Hanna it took approximately three hours. Driving there we were able to see black sand beaches, waterfalls and the rain forest. We stopped at a road side stand that was called half way to Hana, and it literally was half way to Hana. We enjoyed a loaf of homemade banana bread before venturing on towards Hana. 

Once we landed threw the very small, not impressive, town Hanna we drove right on threw to head back to the hotel. This part of the trip took us about three more hours. On this part of the trip we saw cows walking aimlessly around, the extinct volcano, rock beaches, and brown vegetation for miles. Everywhere we turned you could smell coffee; it was so nice to be able to smell that for miles.  

The trip was definitely long and I know D had to be extremely tired after we got back. I offered to drive however; He was fine to drive until we hit the goat paths of Hawaii again. And at that point I was way too nervous to drive on roads like that again. We both enjoyed our drive and the views.

Once we got back to the area our hotel was in, we ventured to find a McDonalds. For some reason, weather it was me or my phone…..good luck finding anything. So as we were venturing to find this McDonalds the phone said was near we ended up “falling” upon a small local burger joint. This place was extremely cheap and very very good. D had three hamburgers that day. I had a hamburger and fries. SO YUMMY!

Well, tomorrow we leave to head back home. So of course we packed our stuff and stayed depressed until we feel asleep for the night.

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