Monday, July 30, 2012

Our last day

Our last day in Maui and our honeymoon, started off with sleeping in and eating our last wonderful breakfast that included a whole plate of wonderful pineapple.  Once we were done we headed back to the room to pack and get ready to leave. We decided since we did not have to leave until dinner time, D and I decided to dress for the beach, pack our one carry on with our plain clothes and head to town to buy some last minute souvenirs such as pineapples.

Our hotel gave us a complimentary room to shower and change in before heading to the airport. It was 9: ish and we didn’t have the room till 3:45. So off to town we go in the pouring rain. We figured that if it stayed raining all day we would camp out in some coffee shop and change there, if not we were heading to the beach.

We ventured a local stand that sold every type of local fruit you could think of. After we picked the only fruit we could take out of Hawaii, pineapple, we ventured back to the hotel and decided to sit on the beach even in the rain. We decided to head back to the hotel because of the access of a beach umbrella and the complimentary room. We had the beach to ourselves until the rain stopped. I then realized why D and I enjoyed the road side beaches so much. The beach was packed with all ages of people, however, It stopped raining for only about an hour before we had to head and get ready for our trip home.

Local stand and its fruit.

We left Hawaii relaxed and tan……..We came back to our home state tired and not wanting to head back to work…. We were spoiled for two weeks with beautiful weather and nothing to do, time was on our hands.  Oh Hawaii, How we miss you......

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