Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rewind to the end of June

Today I will rewind to the end of June……..

At the end of June, I wrote five posts explaining how I was cheap! While doing those posts I went picture crazy and every time I did something that was cheap I took a picture. However, instead of boring you with all the crazy pictures I took. I wanted to prove something and share a really awesome idea!

I wanted to prove that I actually did clean out my freezer!  If you take a look at I have a Secret post, I explained that I clean out my freezer to help cut down on the grocery bill. In the picture below I am using ground meat that I had in my freezer since the last shopping trip and I cooked lasagna noodles that I have had in the back of my pantry. In this meal it not only helped to clean out freezer it helped to clean out my pantry also! In this meal I actually did not have to go to the store at all. I had both the meat and cheese in the freezer and the sauce and noodles in the pantry.

I wanted to share my awesome idea!  If you take a look at post, Cheapness Part Four I explain that their are a lot of items you can reuse. A few years ago, I happened to pass a really neat entry in a magazine. No, I cannot remember what magazine or how long ago it was. Anyways, you take cards and use them as present tags. You can take any card, birthday, Christmas, thank you…… Any card will do. The goal is to use part of the card as the presents tag. Normally I use the whole front of the card as the tag. However, you can cut pieces of the card and use them instead.

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