Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rewind to June

I figured I would take this time to purge all my old stories that I did not seem to tell but have been wanting to!

Today I will rewind to June……..

D and I happened to finish our long overdue bridal registry. To refresh your memory take a look at my Christmas in June post. Anyways we did buy a ton of items in which we needed. Either we did not have them or we needed replacements. I have found that my two favorite items are very simple and very common.

I 100% feel that you should have these in your kitchen.  Since June I have used them almost daily. What I am talking about are the Lock and Lock containers and my Rachael Ray “Lil’ Huggers” Tongs. 

I did absolutely no research on either item before I bought them. The reason I decided to buy each item is actually slightly funny.  The containers were decided after taking glass containers to work and realizing that these containers are not “liquid tight” and very breakable. (Yes, I had multiple messes and was fed up!).  I decided on the Tongs because 1. I love Rachael Ray and 2. Both Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis use them!

I absolutely love my containers! They are very air tight! I have thrown them in my purse, in my lunchbox and on the floor of my car with food including liquid in them and they have not leaked! I have even put soup in them! Nope, no leakage! I also have dropped the containers a handful of time and all four of them are still in one piece!

I absolutely love my Lil’ Huggers! I use these for almost any type of cooking. I use them to flip, toss, stir. I had no idea that these would be my kitchen utensils of choice!

To help you out in finding these items I decided to provide you their websites J

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