Friday, December 21, 2012

I thought I was done

With my vacation week coming to an end tomorrow evening, I am trying to make sure everything is done for Christmas.

Wednesday night I stayed up late wrapping presents and sorting out what I still did not receive in the mail or possibly forgot. I was so excited when I headed to bed that night at 1:30 in the morning, all presents in hand were wrapped and separated by the tree. I had bought two very last minute presents that I thought I bought but did not. I had one or two more presents to arrive and I was DONE! GO ME!

Yesterday after a much needed sleeping in, I tidied up and got ready for a club meeting I had that evening I decided to wrap the one Christmas present I got in the mail that morning. DONE! Perfect right? I figured once I got home from the meeting I would be able to do the few things I could not do while D was sleeping and head to bed.

WRONG!!!!!! I was completely WRONG! I got home, scrambled to put a few clothes away, made sure his uniforms were washed for the following eight day stretch of non house work activities and work, Dishes done, floors swept, presents that came that afternoon were wrapped. I sat down in front of the TV with all the Christmas lights on and my Christmas book. I started writing what I decorated and how , once I was done with that I flipped back to last year’s checking what was next to place in the book.

I started placing people we bought for and what we got them. My way of keeping track so we do not have repeat presents two years in a row or ever! AS I started threw the family and friends we buy for I began to realize I had three groups of people we did not buy for. WHAT?!?!?!?

After panic hit and this so called storm coming through today I have to come up with three more presents before Christmas Eve. My whole thing is how could I forget when I had a list of people write in front of me?!?!?! I was up late last night coming up with ideas I have succeeded on the idea part and later this afternoon I will tackle the ever declining temperature and venture out.

I was so excited that I was done with my Christmas “stuff” that I thought I’d be able to stay indoors ALL day (A treat that I LOVE) and enjoy my tree and my hubby, once he wakes up.

That will be a negative OH well; D always says he loves the hustle and bustle around this time of year, maybe I can grow to like it?!?!?!

What do you do when you forgot a present? 

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