Thursday, December 20, 2012

AS Christmas is quickly approaching and the Sandy Hook Tragedy is still being talked about our news papers are filled with Christmas cheer and police activity.

The day after this tragedy happened a neighboring city made the front page of the news paper, explaining how one patrol car sat outside their elementary school. When asking my husband if they were told to do the same, his response was quite and fast.  It was if I should have just assumed and not asked.

As talk in the papers and community areas we find a local school approved security officers to carry guns, we find talk about schools having rescore officers and possible steady police officers in the schools.

It is sad that something like this has the whole world scared. I get it. I just feel saddened by this.

I hope that schools step up and place police officers in the schools, something, and anything. I feel it is a necessity and truthfully I think that it will help children realize that police officers are the good guys and feel safe.

I know that most of you have seen the Facebook post about the police officer that on his day off, dressed in uniform drove his daughter to school and sat outside until lunch, came inside and ate lunch with the children, walked around helped the kids get there lunch, open up containers, and even helped put straws in their milk. After lunch the police officer went back outside and sat in his car until school let out.  I am not sure if this is true, nor do I care. I do know however, my husband, if we had children, would have been this police officer, as I am sure most of your husbands would or did just the same.  

It is scary and my stomach still has a lump in it…………………………

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