Sunday, February 24, 2013

Computer Update

Since the last time we talked I have been busy working on my new computer.

After I posted my last post I decided no more waiting for D! I WILL put my pictures on this computer if its the death of me! Well, With that said I grabbed a little box my father-in-law brought over and opened only find a bunch of cords.

CablesToGo: is what this apparatus was. I some how had to get these cables to connect from my old computer to my new computer, not so easy, and transfer the information from one to the other, easy enough.

Well......... Step one! Find and remove the hard drive..... Long long long laugh completed with a nice heavy sigh.

YouTube here I come! I clicked in the make and model of my old computer along with the simple words Hard Drive and BOOM there it was. After watching a 30 second video, I too, just like the guy on the video, could take out a hard drive.

Step one Complete! Score!

Step two connect wires: This time I did not even try, I ran straight to YouTube. This search was a little harder than the last, however, I did complete the search along with a nice tutorial on how to connect the four wires to each other, the old hard drive and the new computer. BINGO! Step two is complete!

By this time I am felling 100% awesome! I am rocking a strange new world of computers!

Step three: transfer files. This was extremely easy. And I succeeded with out having to look on youtube.

I now have all my pictures and music on my  new computer! The next step which was yesterday was to update my Ipod, Iphone and Ipad. This was a slight more stressful than transferring my items over from the old computer to the new.

After finding out I had two Itunes user id's, maxed out of computer authorizations, forgotten passwords, and possibly over 300 songs GONE! I broke down and called Itunes.

I will express they were extremely helpful. After being on the phone with them for 45 minutes two new passwords and a new Itunes user id, I regained all access to my music and apps!

It took me a while to update all three devices but I was successful!

Now its time to organize my Itunes music and start my digital scrap books! Knowing I can transfer all my stuff from one crashed computer to the other makes me think I can do ANYTHING!

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