Friday, March 1, 2013


As the sun goes down in this sleepy little town..............

I think that is a song....not quite sure.....

Anyways, after a very long few days, I came home after work today and laid my sleepy head down. My fast nap of only an hour turned into a long sleep of four hours.

Monday and Tuesday consisted of some volunteer work that I participated in for a college in North Carolina. Both mornings I was up early and set for my day by 7 or 8 am. While both nights were spotty on sleep. (If you remember my Java post you will remeber my spotty sleep).

The afternoons were cleaning, washing laundry, and gathering my peace before I headed to work for a 12 hour daylight shift on Wednesday.

Both Wednesday and Thursday were 12 hour, stand on your feet all day, think hard work days. Battling with allergy and a slight head ache on Wednesday caused for a very long stressful day to turn into a longer stressful day. However, the thought of two OK sleeps resulted in me thinking that I should be fine... I always was before...."I think I can I think I can"

To top Thursday off I had things to do after work and did not enter my wonderful door until 9:30, a fast shower, dinner, and an episode of Friends I was fast asleep to wake up at 5:00 am for another day.

Today...... I went to work until 10:15 then headed straight to campus. I had two of the three students cancel on me, a long day has turned into a not so long day. After leaving the campus I headed home thinking of all the things I could do today that wasn't planned.

Well, It just so happened that those items that were never planned never got planned. I decided to take a much needed nap. One that in all honesty I could still be taking if the phone did  not wake me.

I never take naps. You receive your rest at night. I broke that conduct and have over the past year more than I'd like to admit. I feel that your day ends up wasted and in result the gigantic pile of laundry or dishes, or Etsy work, blog work, or anything else for that matter turns into bigger piles, missed deadlines and a stressed out girl.

But today, for just once, I did not care. I still do not care. I may still be tired but I now can at least stay motivated enough to do a few extra items I wanted to do done.

How do you feel about naps? Do you take them? Do you find them to help?

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