Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here is to another week of trash collection

Well good morning blog followers. It’s Wednesday morning and the plans consist of a day at home. The hub is currently at court, while both dogs are impatiently waiting to start their days.

While I sit here and try to wake up, I decided to search the net, bill, and call our trash pickup place. Due to Easter the trash pickup is all out of whack and in all honesty it’s driving me NUTS! Our trash pickup is on Wednesday nights or early Thursday mornings. This is well before the Holiday so we should have been ok. After figuring that our trash wasn’t going to be picked up on Saturday morning D just brought the completely full bins back up. 

Saturday afternoon there goes the garbage truck……….. Zooming by… only a handful of people had their trash left out.

To top this off Sunday Morning, EASTER morning here comes the recyclables. Yep you guessed it one bin as far as I could see still out.

My trash is loaded to the max along with my recyclables over flowing! I now have another week’s worth of trash to put in our bins and more recyclables. All this will have to wait until tomorrow when the bins are empty.

I know I know I know a minor setback in the road way of life, something so tiny why do I care. Well I will tell you why I care. On Sunday I expressed to D “can you believe the recyclable truck went passed this morning picking up so and so’s. There wasn’t another bin on our road.” D’s Response: “How the heck was I supposed to know this?”

As I sat there and thought to myself about it this very perplexing issue, I came to the conclusion that this memo must be out there because how did that one house still have out its bins………….Laziness? Patience? Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, it’s not!

Well, at least as far as I can tell. I searched their website, I searched the bill up and down, I then called in hopes for a recording to explain that normal pick up is a day behind or on time. Nope instead I got “we are currently way behind schedule, we will pick up your trash soon.”


Well. here is a memo from me: The little old lady a crossed the street only allows bins to be out on the road for 24 hours before she starts "telling" you to put them away. No one on our street likes trash rolling like tumble weeds on the road because of over flowing trash bins.  And would it be so hard to send a little schedule, heck place it on the Internet, of when there will be a change in pick up AND what week you will pick up recyclables. Remember the weather is breaking and this means spring cleaning....which may mean more trash or recyclables. At least in our case!

So, here is to another week of hopeful trash collection…………..

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